Santiago and Viña


The stay in Santiago was mainly dominated by the car search. Nevertheless, we found two days to explore the city. We visited many different neighborhoods with our favorites being Barrio Brasil (good food), Barrio Bellavista (cool street art, small cafes and cobblestone streets) and the area around Manuel Montt and Santa Isabela.


A great spot to get a birds eye’s view is Cerro San Cristobal (870m above sea level) where an uphill tram and even gondolas (!) operate. That was great stuff for the kids!



Our barrio, San Isidro, was located very central with good proximity to the metro, notaries, the SII and the car parts street 10 de Julio. After a couple of days the abundance of hotels with hourly rates became more apparent and hence we’ve concluded that there are definitely better places to stay in Santiago for a family of four 😉 The most beautiful thing about our neighborhood was the view from the roof top of our apartment.


Overall, we gained the impression that Santiago is rather well-suited for young folks without kids. We were pretty happy after we left the big city after nine days with our car Oscar for Viña del Mar.

Viña del Mar & Valparaiso & Cóncón

In Viña we saw the first time on our trip the Pacific ocean! It felt great and we took a long walk along the beach.



Of course, the water was way too cold to swim (Humboldt current!) but the breeze was awesome. Afterwards we took a walk through Viña’s most famous park “Parque Quinta Vergara” which was in our opinion nothing special.

We took a short trip to Valparaiso where we enjoyed beautiful views over the port and adjacent beaches. Definitely one of the best spots in Valparaiso.


On our last day, we visited the sand dunes of Cóncón. We had watched couple of YouTube videos about folks sand surfing on the dunes. We were pretty excited to rent a board or at least borrow one from other surfers. Unfortunately, none turned out to be doable due to off-season. At least we saw a very impressive paraglider and the kids loved running down the sand hills.


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