Valle del Elqui


What a great area to visit! After two weeks in Chile our favorite spot so far and a must-go place. It’s the biggest Pisco (the Chilean national liquor) producing region in Chile. We rented an entire house in Vicuña which was our base for exploring the Pisco valley.


People were super-friendly here and we coincidentally ran into a fund-raising parade on our first day.


We had our first barbecue the same night and starred for quite a while at the amazing sky.


The next day we attended a tour at the famous Disteleria Pisco Mistral, one of the top notch brands in Chile.

We learned that white wine and Pisco are made of the same type of grapes, although for Pisco sweeter ones are more important. The distilling process is basically the same as for Vodka or other spirits. The different barrels range from one year to a little bit less than four year old.


The next stop was the Artisan Market in Hurcon which can be skipped in our opinion.

For the night, we tried to get to the Observatory hill to watch the beautiful sky through a telescope. However, no spontaneous attendees allowed – only prearranged tours (bookable on the main square in town).

The scenery with snow-covered mountains at the background of the wine yards is just breath-taking.


When leaving the valley we stopped by a beautiful hydroelectric dam: Embalse Puclaro (2.8MW) . Hydro-power is a very important energy source in Chile and has accounted historically for ca. 50% of the installed capacity.



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