Siete Lagos & Valdivia

Leaving Pucon we took the scenery Ruta de Siete Lagos and cruised around Lago Calafquen, Lago Pullingue, Lago Panguipulli and Lago Rinihue.


Our next stop was Valdivia, a town close to the Pacific ocean which had seen a big German immigration wave in the middle of the 19th century. As beer lovers a must-visit place was the Cervezeria Kunstmann which still is run by a German brewmaster and is considered one of the top notch beer brands in Chile.


The unfiltered Lager was our favorite and definitely worthwhile the visit. The food was ok and good quality – I guess we had expected a bit more of an authentic German taste. The walls were covered with hilarious German proverbs 🙂

The next day we explored the water front of Valdivia. It was a clouded day and we did not expect much. We were positively surprised though. First, Leo’s dream of visiting a submarine was fulfilled. We took a tour in the 1971 decommissioned submarine O’Brien which served in the Chilean war of independence and was a gift from the Irish.


The super-narrow corridors made it hard to believe that a typical crew was comprised of 70-75 people. To our surprise we spotted also two large sea lions at the back of the submarine. Soon we realized there are dozens of them and the reason was the magnificent fish market which was our next stop.

We could not resist and shopped around for fresh vegetables, freshly caught fish, honey and ceviche. What a great market to visit! And the salmon we bought we considered the best self-prepared salmon we ever had! Yummy!

By the way: We were not the only ones attracted by the yummy food there:

The next program item was a boats tour around Isla Teja. It was interesting to see the city from the water’s perspective, observe a decent amount of hidden villas and spot white swans in the woodlands.

After the boat ride Leonard got his first South American hair cut. It was a bit of pain for everybody due to his tiredness but the price made it worthwhile for us (not so sure about Señor Hairdresser).

We completed the day with a stroll on Isla Teja which was depicted with cool cafes and bars with an ample selection of local craft beers.

Thanks, Valdivia. It’s definitely worthwhile spending two days here.

Ein Gedanke zu “Siete Lagos & Valdivia

  1. Rafael “Tanke “Gaytan November 4, 2018 / 01:21

    Más cerveza para la cabeza !!!!


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