Our last stop before the Carretera Austral was Puelo. It’s a small village where the same named river enters the Fjord/Pacific Ocean. It was our base for couple of hikes in the region. Unfortunately, finding the trails and completing them was quite a challenge due to missing trail signs and the amount of rain from recent days.

Maja, Leo, Irina and Lothar got lucky to find a local farmer (we used the access to the farm El Quechi) who allowed them to hike over his land to Laguna Candelaria. The trail was a blend of green grass fields and rain forest and in surprising good condition. The finish was at a neat boat ramp.


Kurt and Aljona were struggling more with the conditions of their trail which started slightly northern of the Rio Puelo bridge. Muddy sections and unmarked trails made them end up at the same spot they started a couple of ours later. Overall, the trails in this area are still in their beginnings and have a lot of room for improvement. Maja and Lothar finished the day with a small loop along the Rio Puelo.

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