Puyehue & Entre Lagos

It was a rainy day when we left Valdivia. We decided to do another lake circuit, this time around Lago Ranco. Most of the shore was covered by trees or private properties but we found a couple of lookout points to enjoy the time slots without rain.


We stayed at Entre Lagos (beautiful views of Puyehue-Cordón Caulle volcano on clear days!) and realized upon arrival that the dirt road we had just taken surprised us with a flat tire. The second puncture within two weeks made us debate whether we should consider to publish a flat tire counter on our blog as well 😉 This time no one could help us out with tire inflation and so the first spare tire change had to be accomplished. First thing in the morning: Get the broken tire fixed at another Vulcanization – at double the price as last time. Still a great deal for seven bucks 😉


The day started off rainy and so we decided to head to Termas de Puyehue. These thermal bathes turned out to be attached to a luxury hotel and the price tag was a bit high for us (55,000clp incl food/drinks per person, kids free) since we just had breakfast and just wanted the splash. We ended up a couple of kilometers up the road at Agua Calientes at therms. We had to go for indoor one since the outdoor one was under maintenance on that day (5,500clp per person).


The next day we visited Parque Nacional de Puyehue and trekked a couple of smaller trails to different water falls. The fresh forest air was again superb and the trail itself was considerably dry given the recent precipitation.


For my birthday my brother and her girlfriend arrived from San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina. The original idea was to meet up there since it’s supposed to be a beautiful city. However, since our Padron (official ownership papers of the car) is still not ready we ended up staying in Entre Lagos.
We changed the Cabaña and had a beautiful view on Lago Puyehue:


It was a gorgeous day: We went kayaking, tried to catch some fish (no luck unfortunately), the brave ones among us (my brother!) even went swimming and ultimately fired up a yummy barbecue with Schnitzel and Schaschlik 😉

With dusk cold arriving we concluded the day in our personal Jacuzzi.

Feliz cumpleaños 🙂

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