Perito Moreno

We stayed at El Calafate, 80km away from the famous Perito Moreno Glacier, since the Parque Nacional de Glacieres does not offer any accommodation. On the route we encountered some interesting wild life:

We decided to split groups this day: Aljona and Kurt took the full day cruise to Glaciers Upsala, Glacier Pereguzzi and Glacier Perito Moreno. Maja, Leonard, Irina and Lothar went “only” for the Perito Moreno. The entrance for the park was 600 ARS per adult (kids under 5 free) and had to be paid in cash.

We started with a cruise at the southern side of the glacier. We took the 13 o’clock boat (800clp per adult) which was recommended due to few people (turned out to be true). While approaching the glacier we saw multiple broken away ice pieces floating on Brazo Sur, a side arm of Lago Argentina and we could spot the „mini ice experience“ hikers.

The boat approached the impressive massive of the glacier up to 50-100m. It was the greatest glacier we’ve ever seen in our life and we were stunned by its size and massiveness! What a miracle our nature gave us! The boat stayed in proximity of the glacier for at least 30min which gave everyone the opportunity to take plenty of pictures and observe it intensively. However, it was quite hard to fight the strong winds such that the kids stayed inside the boat most of the times.


After the boat ride we headed to the observation decks. Since it was already afternoon we had to leave the car at a parking lot and take the free shuttle. We learned that from this parking lot another tour to the north side of the glacier was offered (with 600ARS even cheaper). There are multiple routes along the observation with upper and lower terraces which provide great opportunities to see Perito Moreno from different perspectives. Thanks to the afternoon sun we could observe an unique spectacle: Ice breaking off the glacier and splashing into Lago Argentina 🙂


The second magnificent thing was the sound of expanding ice: A sound like thunder! This huge cracking ultimately told us that the glacier is alive and expanding!

Overall, we spent three hours at the viewing terraces and could have stayed even longer if the kids had allowed 😉 This day was definitely one of the highlights of our journey so far! We can recommend both the one hour boat tour and the viewing platform.


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